Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Bentonville, Arkansas

The Walton Family Foundation founded the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve with the intention of creating a world-class haven for riders. The Preserve consists of nearly 300 pristine acres, located in the midst of Northwest Arkansas, an area already renowned for mountain biking. The Walton Family Foundation engaged D.R. Horne & Company to shape the vision and set the tone of the property.

Through close examination of the area’s natural landscape and meticulous development of the identity of the project, DRH crafted a plan to create spectacular and unique trails for riders and pedestrians, emphasize the striking scenic views of the property, and recognize the rich history of the site. DRH achieved this vision through careful and diligent execution and oversight of every aspect of the project, including the identity development process, architectural plans, development of the facilities, and the site’s ecological management. The Coler Mountain Bike Preserve is an exceptional destination, defined by its superb accommodations and facilities, unique history, and natural scenic beauty.

DRH services included:

  • Visioning and Conceptual Master Planning
  • Project Management
  • Owner Representation
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Management of Architects, Landscape Architects, and Engineers
  • Construction and Implementation Oversight
  • Budgeting and Financial Control