Hershey Trust Company

Hershey, Pennsylvania

As part of an ongoing relationship since 1999, D. R. Horne & Company (DRH) has helped the Hershey Trust Company (HTC), Trustee for Milton Hershey School, shape a vision for the Trust’s 10,000+ acres that fulfills financial and programmatic objectives for the benefit of the School.

DRH serves as advisor, owner’s representative, and project manager for HTC on efforts encompassing:

  • Campus planning and expansion
  • Smart growth and downtown revitalization initiatives
  • Resource assessments, mapping, and GIS database management
  • Rezoning and development

In 2013, DRH prepared a comprehensive real estate strategy and financial analysis for MHST’s investment properties (approx. 3,000 acres). Currently, DRH is managing a team of consultants led by Urban Design Associates (UDA) to develop a Conceptual Master Plan and Implementation Strategy for a new high-density mixed-use village on 375 acres owned by the Trust adjoining the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.