Hershey Trust Company

Hershey, Pennsylvania

As part of an ongoing relationship since 1999, D. R. Horne & Company (DRH) has helped the Milton Hershey School Trust (MHST), Trustee for Milton Hershey School, shape a vision for the Trust’s 10,000+ acres that fulfills financial and programmatic objectives for the benefit of the School.

DRH serves as advisor, owner’s representative, and project manager for HTC on efforts encompassing:

  • Campus Planning and Expansion
  • Smart Growth and Downtown Revitalization Initiatives
  • Resource Assessments, Mapping, and GIS Database Management
  • Rezoning and Development

In 2013, DRH prepared a comprehensive real estate strategy and financial analysis for MHST investment properties (approx. 3,000 acres). DRH then managed a team of consultants led by Urban Design Associates (UDA) to develop a Conceptual Master Plan and Implementation Strategy for a new high-density mixed-use village on 375 acres owned by the Trust adjoining the Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Currently, DRH is updating and revising the real estate strategy for MHST to reflect current market and regulatory conditions.